03 June, 2006

iCall Free VOIP calls to US/Canada

This is for real. I just stumbled upon a site that offers free calls to US and Canada. They basically are based on advertising so you probably should call some numbers for their sponsor and also they sell some stuff online so if you need something then this is the place to buy (to promote this kind of business). They might knock-off skip if they receive enough advertise!

They offer calls world wide but just to North America they are free. The amazing thing is that they don't require you to enter your credit card details unless you are willing to make calls to other destinations than North America.

The software is a little buggy but can be used without any problems. You can also receive an inbound phone # for as low as $0.99. iCall is using SIP technology as far as I can tell but unfortunately they won't give out SIP details (at least not for the moment). I suspect they won't give out SIP details for free since they probably make money from the softphone (it has a link where you can call a sponsor). They could consider selling pre-configured hardware devices (adapters) so you will have the possibility to use a hardware phone with iCall.

Another shortcoming is the lack of low bandwidth codecs but this might be improved in the next releases of their softphone. Being at a start point iCall sounds very promising so I recommend you to give it a try: www.iCall.com.

NOTE: I tested their services calling a mobile in Canada and it's incredible: very good voice quality!

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