26 May, 2007

Opera mini Dimension beta anounced too early ?

As soon as Opera anounced Opera Mini Dimension I remembered a post I read back in November about Opera Mini 3D Photo Blog. Dan Alexandru might have been right.
I search the internet back and forth but there's no clue about what dimension it's meant to be.. no leak at all. Come on people, throw us a bone!

The annoucement of the Beta version was made too early as a marketing campaign. Hopefully, the waiting will pay off. I'm a litle scared that Opera Mini Dimension might be bloated with lots of useless features. Anyway, I read on a forum that Opera Q1 results will be presented on May 30th at 8 CET (http://www.opera.com/company/investors/event/). If I were Opera Mini Project Manager I would launch the beta 24 hours before so check out on May 29th.

Anyway, let's see if Opera Mini Dimension can beat this.

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