31 May, 2006

708USD for Google Calendar Synchronize Application

I just stumbled upon on msmobiles blog of a pretty strange guy. I've read some post of him threatening that he will sue anyone bad-mouthing him and other MS like behavior. Few posts earlier he promotes Google Calendar and Open Source..

Anyway, to get to the point this guy offers 555 EUR (or 708 USD or 380 GBP) to whoever 'will create complete application that would synchronize Google Calendar with Windows Mobile'. Very interesting he requires the app to be freeware and open source.
That's a nice attitude, man, but stop threatening people bad-mouthing you, this is so childish! As Bob Marley would probably have said: Stand up for your rights!

If you are interested in earning those $708 you can read more here.

There are already solutions to synch GCal with WM but thru OutLook, if interested check it out: http://remotecalendars.sourceforge.net/. For symbian phones check this post about synchronizing google calendar with symbian mobiles. For the Vista users we might have even some better news.

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