29 May, 2006

Untrusted Certificate, Gmail on Nokia's Symbian Series S60

As many 'road warriors' out there like having gmail on the go, I also wanted it. Profimail seemed the ideal solutions and I installed it on my 6680 few months ago but didnt like it because it generates loads of traffic thru my gprs connection. I think that exact version I've tested had a bug and didnt knew to handle properly gmail's pop protocol.

Since then I used GMail-mobile, hosted on my server. GMail-mobile has the big advantage of being very lite. It's using WAP protocol so it generates pretty low traffic. This wasn't the best solution either, I wanted something similar to the phone's embedded mail checker using automatic retrieval - to be notified when I get a new mail rather than checking it from time to time.

Setting up GMail on your series 60 phone is pretty easy but it will bore you to death with the "untrusted certificate" message, especially when you activate the automatic retrieval option. Actually, automatic retrieval wont wont check the email until you choose 'continue'.

I also had another email address (let's say mobi@domain.com) that I used to send pictures and all sorts of things from my mobile phone, especially when no computer was around. That email address was 'indexed' by some Russian spammers and cannot be used on mobile since then - it receives about 20 spam emails per day.

Given the above I thought that redirecting mobi@domain.com to my gmail account (for the amazing spam filter) and getting past the untrusted certificate problem would solve my 2 problems.

Untrusted Certificate - problem solved
If you are using an S60 then you probably should make the first try here: Thawte Roots Certificate. If this won't work for you try the S60v2 solution: point your phone's web browser to www.ocasta.co.uk/cert.html and install the certificate. Thanks Ocasta for this certificate!

UPDATE (May 16th, 2008): It's been almost two years since I published this post and new phones came out.. For the newer phones (N95 and recent) take a look on this blog post.


Improbulus said...

Hi there. Unfortunately neither site you suggest works on the 7710 browser... (and I've replied to your comment on my blog post) thanks for the thought though!

Dave said...

Awesome thanks for the info, love gmail, and now can recieve on phone..

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
thank you very much for that acosta link. I too was facing the same problem on my symbian phone...everytime I had to click on continue to retreive email messages from google..but now I am able to do so automatically.

thank you

Jawed Ahmed

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!

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