31 May, 2006

Synch Google Calendar with Symbian phones

Google Calendar has a nice set of features but it's lacking mobile support and synch possibilities. As I am using a Symbian based mobile device I would like to Synch my phone's calendar with GCalendar. I would also like that Google let me set-up reminders on web so my partners can add meeting reminders online and my phone would remind me even if I am offline.
By this time all of you are aware of the features Goggle Calendar offers so I wont discuss about this (well, except a nice feature I really like).

Google Calendar allows you to post on the web events for users to click-and-add to their calendar. That's one of the best features unfortunately it lacks others. It would be a great idea to add SyncML server and why not contacts synch (like Yahoo! did but I will post about this later). Anyway, there's a workaround for the symbian synch shortcoming: http://www.gcalsync.com/

  • Download events from Google Calendar to your phone's calendar
  • Upload events created on the phone
  • If an event has been changed in Google Calendar since last sync it will be updated on the phone
  • Specify time period you want to sync as number of past days (default: 1) and number of future days (default 30)
GCalSync is still in its early stages, so expect some rough corners.

LATER UPDATE (1yr later): Google just launched a mobile friendly version of their Calendar application. Too bad they forgot to add some functionality besides view and add (like a search function, posibility to add to a certain calendar without the need to switch them, jump to date etc). Here's a screenshot I took on my E61:

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